Personal Injury
Have you been injured in a car accident?

I know what it’s like to be the victim of a car accident. After the car accident, the real battle begins with the Insurance Companies. They will use your lack of knowledge about the law to prey on you and not pay you what you deserve. You need someone like me, with years of experience and a Former Marine Officer, as a shield to protect your legal rights and as a sword to make the person pay at fault for every nickel and dime that you deserve. You need the Office of Angel Lugo to negotiate aggressively with the Insurance Companies.

I will travel to meet you if you aren’t able to meet me. And you can reach me nights or weekend. Your case is too important, unlike some other firms that don’t give you that personal attention, you can always reach me. My personal guarantees are that if I don’t recover money for you, you don’t have to pay me a dime. But I always win, because that is who I am, a fighter, fighting for your rights and your compensation.

Contact us if you have been injured and I will get on it right away.  I look forward to working with you.