Report: Former Yale professor sexually assaulted 5 students, harassed at least 8 others

Report: Former Yale professor sexually assaulted 5 students, harassed at least 8 others


NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- A recent report conducted shows a now retired Yale University professor allegedly sexually assaulted, and sexually harassed several students over the course of a number of years.

The report looked into allegations made against former Yale School of Medicine professor Dr. D. Eugene Redmond.

He was on the faculty of YSM in the Psychiatry and Neurosurgery departments for 44 years, from 1974 until his retirement in July of 2018.

In March of 2018, an undergraduate filed a formal complaint against Redmond, that alleged sexual misconduct at his research facility in St. Kitts.

Attorney Anthony Lugo says there will be obstacles if victims are looking for criminal charges because the alleged abuse is old and because of it happening out of the country. 

"I believe they're under British rule, so it would be the local prosecutor implementing British law," Lugo said.

Lugo said another route could have through a civil suit. 

"If by justice you mean hit him financially where it hurts or the institution that employed him, Yale, then yes," Lugo said. 

During an internal investigation, it was found that a group of Yale students made similar complaints against Redmond in 1994.

In January of this year, a third person came forward and reported that Redmond sexually abused him when he was a Yale undergraduate working in St. Kitts.

A third-party investigation was conducted, where 110 witnesses were interviewed, including 38 current and former students.

Also, 34 Yale professors and administrators were interviewed.

Redmond declined being interviewed, unless names of students who made allegations against him, and notes from those interviews were made available.

Based on the investigation, the third-party concluded that Redmond sexually assaulted five students in St. Kitts while he was a Yale professor.

The assaults happened on five separate occasions, “when he initiated and engaged in nonconsensual sexual contact with each student,” the report said.

The report goes on to say Redmond also “committed other acts of sexual misconduct involving at least eight other undergraduates or recent graduates and one high school student in St. Kitts, New Haven, and other locations.”

Redmond retired in 2018 and has been banned from campus.

He has denied the allegations.

Read the full report here.

Yale released a statement on Tuesday afternoon, which can be read here.